facebook redesign 2020

Facebook redesign does not please everyone

Facebook has begun rolling out a new desktop redesign to more users.

Strategies for the new look were announced back in April last year, and you might be amazed by the minimalism of the finished layout.

Just about all the website is currently white, not blue, for example, banner at the top.

This white banner retains light grey icons for News Feed, Facebook Messenger, notifications, View, Marketplace and Groups.

Facebook Stories has been transferred to the middle of the page, and you can see them in huge rectangles rather than smaller circles.

The social network’s logo has changed. It is now a white “F” in a glowing blue circle as opposed to a square.

The fresh redesign is not proving highly popular on Twitter, however.

One tweeted: “New Facebook desktop design = GROSS!”

Another said: “The new Facebook design is so ugly I am in disbelief.”

Some praised it while others were less impressed.

If you do not already have the new design, then rest assured that it ought to be rolling out to all users in the coming months.