hospital bed for a russian woman

A 33 year old Russian woman quarantined after escaping hospital

The Botkin hospital registered a highly unusual request for a court order to hospitalise 33-year-old Alla Ilyina, who fled her isolation room, complaining of inedible food and a lack of necessities like shampoo later on social networking.

On Monday, the court ordered her “forced hospitalisation” and said it has to be carried out immediately.

Local television reports showed court officials escorting the girl to an ambulance after the hearing.

She had been put in a 14-day quarantine on February 6 but fled a day after, according to the local health watchdog.

Ms Ilyina complained online that she had been held against her will with bland food and no fresh air.

She said on Instagram she short-circuited the electromagnetic lock on her door and left after doctors told her tests came back clear.