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Buying a townhouse in Melbourne

Buying a townhouse is becoming a popular trend among the people increasingly in Australia and the favourite destination of the buyers and investors in Melbourne. Earlier, the townhouse developments were not considered the standard accommodation. The townhouses are bigger than apartments, but these are no larger than the houses. The townhouses were considered the stepping-stone to the luxurious and open building. However, now the perception about the townhouses has changed; they are no longer called a quarter-acre block. The townhouses cover a small place and do not have a large garden, but it has multiple floors that enhance its capacity. The townhouse plans are designed to mimic the traditional houses that owned on a strata title, which means that you own the dwelling but share the land with other owners. However, the townhouse offers you privacy and space to move around with your family, and the townhouse mostly contains a courtyard. Moreover, buying a townhouse in Melbourne brings and investor and buyer several benefits and facilities. In this article, we will find out that it is a good idea to buy a townhouse in Melbourne.

The appeal of buying a townhouse in Melbourne

  • Value your money: Investing in a townhouse is a good idea because it is cheaper than the houses. The developers of the townhouses highly consider the factor of affordability in their minds while making the land. This is the reason that its affordability has a mass appeal that attracts most of the buyers because it is budget-friendly and fulfils the requirements of the investors. The townhouses are made according to the need of the modern age, and townhouses have become more valuable because of their design that provides much space, and more natural light can enter the townhouse, which gives it a brighter look. If you have a low budget, then investing in a townhouse is a good option.
  • Great location: however, the townhouses are the best way to enter the property market, but you do not have to compromise on your location and lifestyle goals with their affordable convenience. According to the research, investing in a townhouse is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. A survey has revealed that 46% of the people of Melbourne prefer the location that promotes easy access to public transports, services, and jobs.
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  • Strata benefits: the townhouses are mostly sold with the strata title, which means that two or more properties that are built within a development will be sold to the buyer as the portion of the entire development. The benefit of being part of the strata title is that you get the opportunity to have a good relationship with your neighbours, and you do not have to get physically involved in the management of your property.
  • Security benefits: the townhouses that have more than two properties on the development increased the security rate. It is the duty of Strata Corporation to maintain the security, and its charges are included in the strata fees.
  • Low maintenance: nobody wants to spend their entire weekend on them maintenance of the house rather than that everyone loves to spend quality time with their family. Therefore, having a townhouse, you do not have to spend all weekend on the maintenance around the home because you do not have a large yard and pool to clean. However, townhouses are best for you because it requires little maintenance and has a small garden for the entertainment of the children and you do not have to spend much time on its maintenance.

However, there are also cons of a townhouse that varies from person to person according to their preferences. The townhouses contain less space than a house, which is not suitable for large families and more expensive than an apartment but affordable than houses. Most people also have some privacy and individuality issues with a townhouse, and these concerns are based on their preferences and taste.